Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Version 0.6 Released

I was fixing a bug today that my lovely cousin reported... and while I had my sleeves rolled up, I decided to tackle a few other related issues. While I was in there I added a couple more features too.
New/Fixed in this version:
  • I put the smack down on the Nikon NEF bug. NEF and any other RAW format that iPhoto is currently handling properly is now fully supported by iPhoto2Gmail.
  • I've added even more flexibility for resizing/sending images.
  • See the changelog for more details.


Rogan said...

Hi Jils

sorry to be a pain - having a real problem installing your latest update.

As I go to through the installation process, the installer says that I don't have iPhoto 5 or 6 on my drive - version 6 is definitely there !

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help


jils said...

Hi Rogan,
The installer is simply looking for a version of iPhoto with version string greater or equal to 5. I am not sure why it is failing for you. Do you have more than one hard drive or partition with iPhoto on it?

I'f you email me, I can send you the plugin with instructions on how to manually install it so you can get around this installer error.

Rogan said...
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Anonymous said...

Any idea when you will support Google hosted domain accounts? Would be great!

jils said...

I will try to add some fancier Gmail stuff (like Custom Domains) in the next version... unfortunately, I have no idea when that might be!

micah said...

Hello Jils,

Thank you for a great add on to iPhoto.

I was wondering, if you opt to do the resize photo when sending/exporting the pictures, does this in anyway affect the original file on my computer by resizing it as well?

Thank you.


jils said...

@ Micah --
iPhoto2Gmail will resize a temporary copy of your picture. It will not change anything in your library.

Martin said...


I just downloaded iPhoto2gmail and when I click on the installer I get a message saying I need iPhoto 5 or 6

I do have iPhoto 5. Is there anyway to solve this.

Thanks for your help in advance and keep up the production.

jils said...

Martin --
Like I told Rogan earlier, I am not sure why the installer check is failing, but send me an email and I can explain an alternate installation method.