Thursday, September 27, 2007

By Popular Demand: iPhoto2Gmail Manual Installer

In an effort to help folks that are running into installer errors I have decided to package up a manual installer option for iPhoto2Gmail. Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions in the ReadMe file. This is the best solution I can think of since I have not been able to reproduce the problems that some users have told me about. Download it Here

Please note: the normal installer linked on the sidebar is still the preferred method of getting the plugin!

I have also updated the iPhoto2Gmail uninstaller -- it's a bit prettier and should do a better job of removing old versions or failed installs.


Rob said...

Has anyone else mentioned an inability to install? I'm unable to select my hard drive as the install location because I "need iPhoto 5 or greater". I'm running iPhoto 6.x.

Ever seen that? I didn't see any mention in the readme file.


jils said...

Indeed, Rob. That's the main reason I created a manual installer. It's the first item under Known Issues in the FAQ.

John said...

On a macbook it installed great...

I'm not sure where to ask this but I can't use this because defaults to and I have a gmail for my domain... Do you see ever putting that ability in?

Jason said...

This prgraom is amazing! Removes my need for any mail apps. All I ever wanted was to email pics directly from iphoto! Thank. =)

ICEman said...

Wonderful program, but it won't load my Gmail contacts. All it shows is:


I tried the Uninstaller and then the manual installer, but same result.

Any suggestions?

Mark said...

OK...I have installed the software. Please excuse my ignorance -- but what do I do now so I can send pics from iPhoto via my Gmail account? Many thanks!

D. said...

I am running Tiger on an Intel Macbook, have iPhoto 6.x and the new version 0.10 does not allow me to install - the error is as described in the faq.

The faq led me to this page but I cannot get the manual install version - some 404 error. I guess it is because the manual install is based on version 0.07 or something like that.

An update of the manual install would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.