Thursday, September 20, 2007

iPhoto2Gmail Version 0.7.1 Released

This version is a bug-fix release addressing an incompatibility that prevented some iPhoto 6 and '08 users from being able to export.
This is the recommended version for all users. Apologies to those v 0.7 users that were bitten by that bug!

As of 11:11pm CST Sept 20, 2007, I have updated the 0.7.1 installer. Some file permissions were not set properly, and blocked access to non-administrator accounts. Thanks to everyone that helped me solve this issue.


Nancy said...

I installed the latest version on my MacBook Pro.
I have iPhoto V6. Its as if the app isn't there.
I tried rebooting to see if that would change anything.
Nada. Any ideas?

jils said...

Nancy, did any previous versions work?
Usually this type of problem occurs when iPhoto is not located on the same hardrive/partition that you boot from. For more troubleshooting, shoot me an email and I can give you some tips.

Timo said...

The same problem as Nancy. It does not let export in my macbook neither iMac G5 (iPhoto ver. 6). IPhoto is in the same hardrive I'm booting from. How can I get rid of the whole plugin?

jils said...

@timo: try the uninstaller. If that fails, you need to remove it manually by deleting the iPhoto2Gmail.iPhotoExporter folder from the folder.

Anonymous said...

Same problem here. UNinstalled old version manually. Then reinstalled new version with installer.

iPhoto doesn't list it as an option under Export.

MacBook running latest version of iLife and Tiger.


jils said...

As of 11:11pm CST, I have updated the 0.7.1 installer. The file permissions were not set properly, and blocked access to non-administrator accounts. Thanks to everyone that helped me solve this issue.

Brad said...

as with Nancy i have downloaded the latest v0.7.1 and it's as if the app isn't there. i hate to give up on this. what should i do?

jils said...

Brad and Nancy, if the newly updated versions and the added information in the FAQ don't work for you, shoot me an email at jils.i2g_THE_AT_SYMBOL_gmail

jils said...

Also check out the new manual installer option.

Dalit said...

Hi Jils,

Thank you so much for inventing this. I have been waiting so long to be able to send picts through gmail. Although it is a bit slow, I am still enjoying it very much

Kathryn said...

I'm having some major problems! My contact list is not being updated--and so I can't send--even manually typing in the addresses I want to send photos to! Have just updated to v 0.7.1, and same problem. Any solutions?

Kathryn said...

Tried again, after posting, still not getting gmail address book to open. The only "address" that shows up is "... Even manually typing the address I want to send to doesn't make it "go".

Would love any help you can offer.

I am on a MacBook, still on Tiger 10.4.10, iPhoto v 6.0.6

jils said...

This is due to the changes Google has made to Gmail. I have a patch available for download that should take care of the problems.

The blog format of this site sometimes makes it hard for folks to realize that there are new posts. You can go to and it will show the latest posts.

This is the link to the post about the patches.

Kathryn said...

Yes!! !! !!
your patch did it, even after the update did not.

Thankyou, finally able to send the photos to my Mother for her Xmas letter!

Appreciate the help--will be sending some money shortly!