Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Version 0.7 Released

Whew. This was a long time coming! Lots of things came up in the past few months and I have had little time to hack on iPhoto2Gmail. I pared down the feature list so that I could get a new version out with the important fixes I've been promising...

What's New:
- Full iPhoto '08 Compatibility -- still backwards compatible all the way back to iPhoto 5
- Added KeyChain Support for securely saving Gmail Account information
- Added "Sign In" window
- Support for Gmail's New 20MB Attachment Limit
- Better labeling of Gmail account fields to avoid confusion.
- Increased the size of the Contacts sheet to better accommodate long Contacts
- Lots of bug-fixes and refactoring.

Hope this helps some folks out! As always, please leave your comments or email me!


Anonymous said...

thank you! works like a dream. maybe support for hosted domains in version 0.8 ;)

Drew McManus said...

Very cool. Would love for it to work with Google Apps on my Domain!

Donna said...

Thanks for the plugin. It would be awesome to be able to bcc. Some people are funny about who sees their email adresses!

Ed said...

Power Mac G5/2.7 DP 5 GB OS X 10.4.10 iPhoto '06 version 6.0.6
When I installed it I needed to select Export a second time to display the Export dialog. Missing options are the QuickTime and iPhoto2Gmail. I opened Terminal and ran % sudo rm -rf /Applications/iPhoto.app. Reinstalled a fresh copy with all updates. Verified Quicktime was available. Installed iPhoto2Gmail version 0.7 and was seeing the same thing.

If I uncheck the iPhoto2Gmail.iPhotoExporter using the Get Info panel the QuickTime option returns.

Also have it installed on a PowerBook G4/1.25 15" 2 GB OS X 10.4.10 and it works fine.

Any ideas? Need any additional info?

Is a cool plug-in!

The Captain said...

Thank You for the iLife 08 update!
I missed my iPhoto2Gmail.
It's working great on my MacBook Pro.

I too would like to see a "BCC" feature added to future updates. I don't like post others e-mails around.

jils said...

Thanks for the feedback folks!
As far as ed's problem with iPhoto '06, if you read this ed, or anyone else with that problem, could you send me an email so that I can get a bit of extra information from you? Thanks!

Ed said...

jils, Fixed! I saw the new release and installed it. I had the previous plug-in disabled. A new one was installed leaving the old one in place, not sure if this is the intended result... I manually removed the old disabled version. I mention this because I also updated the PB which did not have a problem and only saw one item in the plug-ins after the latest update.

The changes you made have resolved my issue.

Tried to get to your profile to get an email address and had no luck... got this msg: Profile Not Available

I'm not a blogger and that may be part of the problem.

Before the fix was released I thought perhaps the 5800 pics on the problem Mac and only several hundred on the PB might have played into the issue, but the more I thought about it... not likely.

I also like Donna's bcc suggestion. Looks like I'll 3rd the request in this thread.

Lori said...

I'm a bit confused. I note that Nancy and others seem to have the same problem as me; the app doesn't appear in the file/export (iphoto6). I have installed the 7.1 update and still don't see it. Please help.
Brad and Lori
PS I'm trying to put this on my wife's Mac and she thinks I'm crazy for spending so much time. If this plug in would work it would solve her other complaint about not being able to send photos using gmail and make me a hero. help!