Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Versions Released

iPhoto2Gmail and Aperture2Gmail have been updated significantly today! I am happy to say that both of the new plugins resolve all of the known problems with the new Gmail interface that was rolled out this November.

Both plugins have received an entirely new emailing engine that allows for a direct, secure, and reliable connection to Google's email servers rather than an HTTP file upload. (Lots of fancy words for "it works much better").

Another big change was a popular request: the "Email Sent Using..." shameless plug has been axed. This should help you bloggers out there that use the plugins to post pictures. No more editing posts!

Aperture2Gmail hadn't been updated in quite some time, so I devoted many hours to bring it fully up to speed with iPhoto2Gmail.

Both plugins have also been tested for 10.5 Leopard compatibility.

Enjoy. As always, you can leave feedback in the comments, via email, or in the new Google group linked in the sidebar.

Special Thanks to John Hansen for writing me a build script for my "Javas", and J. Austin for helping me test.


Ed said...


When I mouse over the sidebar link "v 0.8 NEW!! Universal" it appears to be linked to an older version.


The link within the announcement appears to be properly linked.

Thanks for the update!

Ed said...


Happy to confirm the Full Size export successfully sent a 1.7 MB file. Nice fix.

The down side for me, unless there's a setting I've missed...

The extension is no longer sent with the file. The image does correctly display in Mail.app. However, the save options is now Save All... or the individual images and each is sequentially titled Photo #1, Photo #2, and on.

Lost is the unique and perhaps descriptive title I had assigned the photos and lost is the .jpg extension. Also lost is the Add to iPhoto option in the Save dialog. I know not all photos would be sent to a Mac user, but I found this feature a big plus.

Loss of the extension means that a batch of photos saved to a folder will no longer easily open in Photoshop, I tested on version 7 and CS. I have to manually add the .jpg extension to achieve the expected results.

PM G5/ 2.7GHz Dualie/ 5GB/ 500GBx2/ Mac OS X 10.4.11, iPhoto 6.0.6

Ed said...

further follow up

from Gmail, web based, if I download a successfully sent pic, for example "Photo #1", from the Sent Mail folder the photo automatically picks up the jpeg extension. Which will easily open in Photoshop or other applications.

jils said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've fixed the sidebar link.

I had not caught that the files were missing their extension... I kept downloading from Gmail when testing, so I always got the extension. Because the content-type is set correctly, most email clients will handle this properly. I agree that it should be added back. I'll either issue a patch or a small update soon!

UsuárioCompulsivo said...

I just got the

Exit code: 5


How i Uninstall it?