Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Versions Released

iPhoto2Gmail v0.9 and Aperture2Gmail v0.4 have just been released!

Notable changes in both plugins:
- Returned to naming attachments using filename and extension.
- Message and Subject are now sent with UTF8 encoding to support more langugages.
- Fixed issue where images would sometimes appear next to text in some email clients.
- More error detection when delivery fails.

Also fixed a a crash that could occur when canceling the login panel in iPhoto2Gmail.

Download Links are all on the sidebar.


Juan Navarro said...

Just wanted to say that this works excellent on my laptop: It was something I NEEDED to have form my work as an insurance adjuster and I just want to say thanks!

jils said...

glad to hear, Juan!

Draniac said...

Great plugin, any chance that you could add an "email size" feature that tells you the size of the attachment(s) based on which JPEG size you select?
You probably already thought of that but just in case...I just sent a 3.5 meg email