Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Version: Aperture2Gmail v0.7

I've decided to release another version of Aperture2Gmail today. Normally I don't like to release updates so close together, however, there were a couple of issues I felt were too pressing . So here it is!

Aperture2Gmail version 0.7 is now available. This update improves stability when retrieving contacts and is recommended for all users. More information about the specific fixes can be found in the changelog. Please feel free to post to the group with any problems or questions.


Guglielmo d said...

First of all thank you for the fabulous app... and it' getting better!

Now when I send an email I get the following messages:

1) Sorry, An Error Occurred.
Exit Code: 4 Please visit the FAQ for further information

2) Export Versions for 'Aperture2Gmail' PlugIn Complete
1 (of 1) image has been exported.

3) Done Sending Gmail.
Exit Code: 4 Please visit the FAQ for further information.

Mails are successfully sent though...

PPC G5 Quad, 10.4.11 8,5GbRam
Aperture 2.1

jils said...

Guglielmo, I would suggest you uninstall the plugin and try a fresh install of 0.7. I cannot reproduce the behavior you describe... please post to the group so I can help you further. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi is there a solution for importing the Gmail contact
try version v0.8 still can't retrieve the list

Guglielmo d said...

WIth the older and new version when I try to view the gmail contacts, the only contact I get is a strange ""<

Jonas HS said...

I also get the ""< issue when retrieving contacts - with latest version of aperture2gmail.