Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Version: Aperture2Gmail v0.5 Released

Happy to announce that Aperture2Gmail v0.5 is hot off the presses. It not only gets all the goodies that iPhoto2Gmail v.10 brought, it also gets some features exclusive to Aperture users:

- New optional Keywords. If selected, this option will create a Keyword Category named "Emailed To:". It will then populate the category with everyone that you've sent the image to along with a time-stamp. This should help you keep track of who you've emailed pictures and proofs to.

I've tested the plugin against the Aperture 2.0 Trial and have addressed some issues that v0.4 had when exporting in the background.

Remember to check the changelog for in-depth information about what's new.
Sound off in the google group with questions and comments.

My wife and I just kicked off our extended backpacking trip through Europe, so support questions may go unanswered longer than usual... free wifi has proven hard to come by so far!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Version: iPhoto2Gmail v0.10 Released

I'm happy to announce v0.10 of iPhoto2Gmail today!

I've been hard at work on this release; there are lots of new goodies in this version, as well as fixes for all of the bugs that have been reported. Here are some highlights:

New Features:
  •  Support for hosted Gmail accounts (Google Apps for Your Domain) -- this has been a top feature request, and I was glad to finally get it added and working well.
  • I've added a search field to the Contacts List sheet that should help find your contacts faster.
  • Authentication is now done natively and using Google's official clientLogin API. The result is a faster, more robust authentication check, as well as more descriptive and useful error messages. This new authentication also addresses the DNS issues some users had on Leopard.

Notable Bug Fixes:
  • Restored compatibility with OS X 10.3.9 (Java 1.4). 
  • libgmailer updated to version 1.37 (fixes contact list problems some users were having)
  • Fixed incompatibility with contact names that contained a comma ","
  • Improved behavior when saved login information fails to authenticate.

Oh, and Aperture users, your update is coming soon!

Questions or comments? Give the Google group a try!

Special thanks to Peter Wood for giving me a test email account on his domain, and also Rob for his willingness to try several release candidates on his own time.